Top web development courses this 2021

In today’s digital world, everything has shifted online. With most companies shifting their operations online, web development has become one of the hottest career options for the next generation. A career in web development gives you a high salary, flexible schedules and excellent opportunities to climb up the ladder.

web development courses this 2021

To flourish in a career in web development, here are some web development courses you can do, to upskill yourself for the job market:

  1. Udemy:

Udemy has several web development courses ranging from beginners to advanced courses. ‘The complete web developer bootcamp 2021’ is a great course to start off with. This is ideal for those who have no background in coding. You will learn HTML, CSS, Java Script, Node, React and more. The best part is that it costs close to $200. You can learn web development easily right from home!

  1. Coursera:

Coursera is one of the best learning platforms out there. Coursera offers a wide range of web development courses that can provide you with a solid foundation to get started on a career in web development. Front end web development by Hong Kong University and Ruby on Rails: By Johns Hopkins University are both great courses to consider. You can check out the price on the coursera website to know more.

  1. EdEx:

EdEx is another great platform that offers courses from top universities such as MIT, Harvard, Berkeley and more. Microsoft offers a Professional Orientation course that is very apt for complete beginners who want to learn web development. It’s one of the best web development courses out there, since it’s offered by none other than Microsoft itself.

  1. Code Academy:

Code Academy has garnered a lot of reputation for its web development courses. The Code Academy app is very useful while commuting as well. You will learn the basics of HTML, Java Script, CSS and more. You will also learn about back-end web development and can launch a career in full stack web development. It’s a great web development course to get started with.

If you’re wondering how to afford these courses, don’t worry! There are plenty of financing options available. One of the best ways to do so is through ZestMoney. Simply sign up on Zest, upload your KYC and bank details, and wait for Zest to give you a credit limit. Use that credit to learn web development and pay back in flexible no-cost EMIs.

That’s it! Why wait any longer? Buy your dream web development course now!

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