How To Get Chegg Study Free Account Trial 2018


Don’t you pretty much feel fed up with the system of education at times? Don’t you really wish for an online good study help? Well, here is Chegg that can help you with the problems. Don’t know how yet? Well let us help you with the answers!


Well, it is an American online textbook rental service. But then again, it also concentrates on helping with the tutor services. Not only that, it also makes sure that you get to get help enough for your examinations no matter what. You can also teach students here without any problem!

Earn with Chegg

If you want a handsome sum of money with real talent then Chegg is a place for you. This is one place that offers you with an opportunity for earning somewhere around $20 to $1000 a month. Of course, this is one of the best things that you can get through with.

Chegg premium account

The Chegg free account is really good. But with the premium account you can easily get through with so many benefits that you can hardly imagine of the same. you will be able to get through with 9000+ books and the tutors to help you with the same.

Price to subscribe

The following are the various subscription charges that you must be really aware of:

You can get 1-month subscription for $14.95

Also you can get 1-year subscription for $74.95

Renting the books are equally easy here. The prices are really cheap.

The tutor services will cost you around 7 cents a minute.

If you have an order then you will get free shipping only beyond $35.

Return the books

Returning the rented books on the time is really necessary. In case, you fail at adhering to the same then you will be charged a fine of course. But in case, you really need to hold on to the books then definitely you will have to inform the chegg site at first.

Great return policy

If you have a book to hire then you can keep it for 21 days. Of course, the digital books are offered for 2 weeks of time only. Also, you will have to understand that the Chegg books are to be kept carefully. Any problem will cost you extra charges.

Study free account trial

Following are the steps to follow:

  • Generate a fake credit card.
  • Note all the details.
  • Visit, the official website of Chegg.
  • Sign up with the Name, Email, and then set the password.
  • Fill in the card details.

In case of real credit cards, forgetting to cancel the subscription will cost you after the first 7 days.

Chegg study free trial in the app

There are apps for everything nowadays. There is completely no doubt in the fact that so can you get from the Chegg as well. This is one thing that can offer you with the ultimate ease and also with the best results for yourself. Of course, with the help of Chegg free trial you can get the best books for yourself and the app makes it easy.

Cancel the free account trial

  • Visit the official website of Chegg.
  • You will have to click on the pause subscription under the membership page.
  • Or else you can also choose to cancel the same.

In case you cancel it on the 4th day, then you can still continue to surf the website for 3 more days for sure. This is an advantage to you.

Common questions

Is it reliable?

It absolutely is reliable and there can be no doubt to the same.Each and every promise made on the site are well kept up to and there can be no doubt in the same as well. You must try the site without any problem at all.

Is it secured?

When it comes to the safety then all are quite well taken care of. You must necessarily remember, that when it comes to the security then nothing can be a problem at all. You can get through with the best results with Chegg in no time. Of course, you must make sure that you get the secured services with the best sites.

Can every student have a free trial?

All the students will get an access to the free sites for sure. There is completely no doubt in the fact that the tutor services will also be allowed to you just for 30 minutes this one week. Of course the advantages cannot be talked about at all because they are so many.

Can multiple accounts be detected?

There is no doubt in the fact that the students are allowed only one of the accounts per service. Of course, if you are found with more than one account then there are high chances that you will be charged a penalty for the same and all your services will be stopped.

Can I use more than the 30 minutes that I am allocated?

More than the 30 minutes will be chargeable.

Is there any charges if I cancel my subscription before the trial ends?

There is completely no hindrance in cancelling your subscription within the free trial period. But in case, you have used more than the 30 minutes of allocated time then certainly the charges will apply for the same. This is something that you must be aware of.

Can I take another demo lesson without subscription?

In case you are to get through with another demo class the subscribing is necessary for you. Make sure that you are subscribing thus.

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This is all you needed to know about Chegg and the advantages that it provides the students with. There is no doubt in the fact that the results that you will get are definitely many and marvellous for you.

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