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What’s your plan this vacation? Planning to go for a long trip with your spouse and kids? Well, booking tickets for train is really a difficult task; especially when you see your name shining on the waiting list. This waiting list business is really a messy job. In fact, it is quite frustrating.

Amidst the darkness of the waiting this, there is a faint ray of hope on the other side of the tunnel. When you see your name appearing at the top of the waiting list, you get a faint hope of your name getting confirmed before the final train chart is prepared. In such cases, the train’s chart making is really a wholesome event that many of you look forward to.

Many of you are stuck in the old backdated wrong notions regarding the preparation of train chart. In this article you will understand the process that is undertaken while a train chart is prepared. It is hoped that after you finish reading this article, all your doubts will be solved out.

Whenever you book a ticket, it is important to go through the train chart that has been prepared. This is a long list of passengers who will be traveling in the respective train. A major portion of the train chart is accumulated by the waiting list. It is utterly important to go through the waiting list. It is through the waiting list of the train chart that you will come to know whether your name has been finalized under reservation or not. If you do not find your name in the waiting list, you can be sure that it is on the final train preparation chart. Therefore, you need to be aware of the time at which the railway chart is prepared.

Train Chart Preparation Time for Indian Railways

A train’s chart preparation depends much on the time of its departure. Every train has different chart because the timings differ as well the shifts, that is, morning shift and evening shift. As per the official website of IRCTC, the train chart is prepared just before 4 hours of the train’s scheduled time from its destination. If the train is to leave the station early morning, the chart is prepared at night and if the train is to depart at day time, the chart is prepared during the morning or at day.

However, the chart prepared within 4 hours is not final and can be subjected to change at any moment. The truth is, it is only before 30 minutes from the departing time of the train that the chart is finalized. If you are a holder of RAC ticket and still belong to the waiting list, you can rely blindly on IRCTC as the Indian Railways will confirm your ticket. So, it is always a wise decision to wait for 30 minutes after the train arrives and before the train departs from the station.

What is Train Chart?

Well, to define a train chart is very unlikely because by now you will be knowing what it is. Still, for those who are unaware what a train chart is, it is a passenger list presented in the form of a chart. It contains the names of the people whose seats in the train are completely reserved. The chart presents the passengers’ name, age, gender, destination point and boarding location. Besides, the chart also gives its passengers a detailed view of coach, seat numbers along with their tickets confirmed and the RAC. You will find this chart generally on the notice board of a platform or on the trains’ coach.

Train Chart Preparations for Morning Trains

If you train is scheduled to be at and after 11 am, the train chart is prepared the day before, precisely at night. But it must be made sure that the deadline of preparing a train’s chart is up to 8 pm at night. Sometimes the time exceeds because of the destination from where the train is about to leave. So, if you are ready to go on a morning train, you can be sure that the chart will be prepared the day before. By this, it is made easy for all the passengers belonging to the waiting list, to get confirmed about their seat.

Train Chart Preparations for Evening Trains

In case you have to board an evening train, you train chart will be prepared just 3-4 hours prior to the departure time of the train. By the time you come to the station, you will get to know whether your seat is confirmed or not. Also, if you book tickets online in the IRCTC web portal or IRCTC app, a notification will be given to you in the form of a message or an email.

Train Chart Preparations for Mid-Night Trains

Similar to the train charts prepared for the morning trains, here too the chart is prepared the day before by 8 pm at night. In some emergency cases, the time may exceed. But you need not worry because before you get up in the train, you will come to know if your seat is confirmed or if you are in the RAC.

How to check if Final Train Chart is prepared or not?

Before leaving the house, everybody wants to know whether the seat that they have booked for is confirmed or not or if their name has been shifted to the final list from the waiting list. Well, in order to know about the confirmation, you should have your PNR number ready at hand. You will get this PNR code in the IRCTC official website. It is in the web portal of the Indian Railways that provide the details of your confirmation. Enter your PNR code in the IRCTC website and press enter. All the details will appear soon.

Therefore, to check the preparation of a train’s chart, you have to go through the PNR status. To find out the PNR status, click here: www.irctc.co.in . Be your name confirmed or on the waiting list, every vacation demands a handsome trip. Enjoy your holiday!

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