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Top 10 websites to play free online games

 Top 10 websites to play free online gamesThere are a number of websites that offer free online games for users. If you love playing online games, you need to be aware about the leading websites. This will save your time and you will be able to access different types of games from a single website. This post provides detailed information about the top 10 websites to play free online games.

Miniclip is no doubt one of the most popular gaming websites. The website offers games with different difficulty levels and thus people of all age groups can benefit from this websites. Another useful feature of the website is that the games are categorized properly and thus you will not have to waste time searching for your favorite games.

If you want to try new games online, Addictinggames is an useful website. The website releases new games every week and thus you will never get bored with this website. You can find games like shooting games, racing games and various other categories on the website.

A common problem with all the websites offering free online games is that there are distracting ads present on the website. Though, you can block some ads with the help of extensions, it can affect gaming experience too. is different from other gaming websites and has comparatively less advertisements.

If you love sharing your performance in different games with your friends, Pogo is the website you should register at. There is an option on this website to chat with friends too.


Another popular gaming website that offers free online games is Zynga. In order to use this website, you will have to register there. Another option is to logon through the Facebook account. The unique feature of this website is availability of a range of social games.


BigFishgames is a reputed gaming website which was founded in 2002. You can enjoy free games on the website and even download them without paying any money.


If you love the football games, Goalunited can be a handy website. There are different types of football games on the website with different difficulty level. The best thing about the website is that you need not download any plugin or player in order to play the football games present there.

The next gaming website is that has thousands of websites in different categories. One of the unique features of this website is that there are contests on this website and if you perform better than other players you can win prizes as well. also offers a number of free online games to the users. In addition to free games, there are some paid games on the website too. You can check the paid games for trial before making the purchase.

Yahoo games

Yahoo is a reputed brand that offers services like email and search. “Yahoo games” is also a popular service of Yahoo that provides an opportunity  to play free games online.

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