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Top 10 Free Sites to Share large files

 Top 10 Free Sites to Share large filesMost of us make use of free email services for transferring small files to friends or clients. But sending large files can be a  headache as all these email services have a limit on the maximum size allowed. Fortunately, there are various websites that allow you to share large files with others. This post discusses top 10 free websites to share large files.


Gigasize is a free service that allows users to transfer, download and store unlimited number of large files. You can use this service to share large videos, audio songs or other files with friends and family. There are limits of 300-350 megabytes for free users and you can upgrade to premium to remove these limits. There are a number of benefits associated with Gigasize like easy operation and secure environment. Your friends can access the file easily from anywhere. The file uploaded by a free user remains active for 45 days.


If you are looking for a file sharing website with simple interface, Senduit is the best option. When you go to the homepage of the website, there are two options to choose. You have to select the file from your computer and the time interval for the file to expire. Once you click the upload button, the file gets uploaded and you can share the link with your friends. is also a leading file sharing website. It allows the users to upload files of up to 100mb for free. The files are hosted on the website for one month only. An important thing to remember regarding this website is that you cannot upload porn content on this website. This can lead to ban of your IP and you will not be able to use the site further.


You can also use the sendspace website to share large files with friends. The size limit is 300 MB for free users.


You can share files of up to 100 MB using this website. A particular file hosted on the website can be downloaded for 100 times.


In order to share files with the help of Driveway, you need to make an account on this website. The free users can share files of up to 2 GB in size.


Sendyourfiles is also reputed file sharing website with advanced features like confirmation of the file getting received by the recipient.


Filedropper allows you to upload files of up to 5 GB in size. Using the website is quite easy and you need not even register on the website before uploading the files.


You can also share large files with the help of Mediafire that allows files of up to 200 MB for free users. You can upgrade to premium that allows sharing of files of up to 10 GB in size.


Mailbigfree has both free and premium option for the users. It has a number of unique features like the option to choose from a number of languages. Uploading the files is very easy and free users can share files of up to 500 MB in size. The website also has a affiliate program where you can earn 25% commission by getting premium accounts signed up on the website through your referral.

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