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PicsArt is a photo editing app which we all know it as the rare influential app for Android smartphones. It has become very handy to have iOS app making skills where the developers can add many features which were originally taken from some of the popular trending apps. It could be from Instagram, Blackberry Messenger, or who knows.  What we are aware of the Picsart is that the app has many smothering enhancements editing options where you can turn a dull picture into a touch of a professional. Many Android users are now using the app to highlight their best shot which is boring to rest of the world.

PicsArt has the unique touch which is rare to find the Android store, and you can only launch the app and start editing your photo to add a professional look to it. Unlike the rest of the picture editing apps, The app has their world of social networking where you can share your photos, and you need an account with the app, or else you cannot continue.

Where To Start: Choose Between Many Options

You are not the only one who has ended up having the similar thoughts, you can start by accessing your browser to select an already taken photo or you can download any choice of you image from the web (From Google images, Yahoo images and more other sources.) or you can launch your camera from the app itself and shoot a photo to edit.

You might be very curious that why would I pull a picture from the app and why not shoot it directly from the default app, that’s a real question you have on your mind, but you’d miss the options which PicsArt has to offer to you. You can choose from different options such as colors, effects, frames and many camera point shoot options provided by the PicsArt. You can choose from several effects such as bokeh, light leak, textures, borders & highlights

False Reviews

There are many reviews about the app outside of the Play Store you can find, which says the app has too many options filled both on-screen and inside the options which are a bit confusing. One reviewer has claimed that it took him weeks to understand and perfect the options, so the interface is not friendly. So let me add some truth to you, an editing Android app is never made for genius. The apps exist so that you can edit your photos without touching the professional software which is available for $200 per package. So let me break this to you that 99% of the picture editing are made simple and easy to understand for the users.

Features of PicsArt For PC: Build & Interface

If you are new to the app, then you might feel that there are too many options, but when you use the app for at least couple of hours, then you quickly realize that the app has options which are interrelated to one and another. When yo0u start using the app with the editing tools on PicsArt, you can feel the Instagram filters effects all over it, and you can adjust the filters from curves, cropping, clone, stamps, lens flares and much more.

Coming to the clipart, you can select from various of different clips from Moustache, Cake, rabbit, Glasses and an entire collection is waiting for you out there. You might be expecting options like things that can transform your photo into the 3D plane. You can even change the fonts as you get plenty of options on like changing the size or the font family etc.

Picsart for PC: Download & Install PicsArt on Windows 8/ 10/ 7

PicsArt For PC

You might have an idea on how to install a software on Windows or any OS PC but you can scratch your head and never able to install the PicsArt as there is no official version on How you can install PicsArt for PC, so today we will solve the issue with a simple answer, and you can get the perfect attribute for it.

Tons of other are offering to install you favorite app options on you PC, but nothing can compare PicsArt when it comes to delivering it so it worth installing.

How to get PicsArt for PC [Bluestacks]?

Would like to experience an excellent adventure of converting your boring photo into professional touch without having any professional experience and intense creativity within you then download the Software called BLUESTACKS.

Once you are done with the download, where the size of the application is above 300+MB, so be prepared to install the app on your laptops and PC.


In case you are wondering, what are the minimum requirements, so I will mention some of the essential elements which many are not mentioning. If your system is experiencing errors while installing then, it has to be one of the reasons.

  • Make sure that your PC supports WDM (Best way to figure out is to check id the Windows 7 Aero works on your PC or your PC should have atleast 300MB of graphics.)
  • Make sure that your PC or Laptop Graphics is latest or 2009 version of the graphic card.
  • Update your graphic card.

If in case none of the above options work out for you then you can try any other Android Emulator, and you can check out here.

Now let’s move on to the installation,

Download PicsArt for Windows 8/ 10 by downloading the bluestacks app and it’s time to install the app.

  • Install the Bluestacks without any errors.
  • Once you are done, launch the Bluestacks,
  • You will find many distracting options and other things,3
  • Ignore them and look for search bar,
  • The search bar is all about Google Play Store,
  • and search for PicsArt, theninstall it like standard Google Play.


Overall, the PicsArt is fantastic on its own and the app has the unique touch which is not commonfg among the caregory, the developerrs are adding new features to make it look more fantastic and keep the trend going.

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