Modulation and Its Uses

How are we able to hear the clearly audible voice of a person speaking on the phone to another person mile away? We must say advancement in technology and the development of science is the prime factor.

AM and FM are the commonly heard terms while using the radio. Have you ever given a thought about how 2 radio stations have a different address on the FM scale?

The development of communication technology and the transmission of sound waves makes you clearly hear the call on the phone and helps you to listen to your favorite channel on the radio. Usually, the sound waves travel in a sinusoidal pattern. For the better communication pattern and to receive the signal properly with low noise the amplitude and frequency of the signal are modulated perfectly.

Modulation is a process where the carrier signal is varied in accordance with the message signal. Modulation procedure is ideally used to adjust the signal properties. In electronic communication, the process of transmitting information via radio carrier wave is known as amplitude modulation.

In the amplitude modulation process, the amplitude of the signal is modified by increasing or decreasing the amplitude of the wave. Here the information to be transmitted through the signal is not affected but this process strengthens the signal and makes it more likely for long distance transmission. Amplitude Modulation is easy to implement and is an affordable technology.

Practically, the signal is modulated at the source and is sent to the receiver. Once the signal is received, it is demodulated and filtered to remove any noise or interference.

Amplitude modulation of a signal is also done by superimposing the signal with the carrier wave. This causes the change in its amplitude and hence the modified signal is sent via transmission media.

Upon receiving the signal at the receiver end, the signal is further demodulated by removing the carrier signal and the original data is recovered at the receiver end. This system is mainly used in initial radio applications.

Applications of Amplitude Modulation are:

  • Air traffic control: Used in a 2-way communication over the radio for aircraft guidance.
  • Radio: The radio uses transmission based on Amplitude Modulation of the signal.
  • Long distance broadcasting: We use AM signal widely in radio communications over long distances in transmissions.

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