How to Make Sure you Get the Speed you Pay for

The salesperson or the advertisement you see will lay all claims possible to convince you that by choosing them, you’re getting the fastest rates in the market. It is however not uncommon for persons to send angry tweets and screenshot of a loading staying that they’ve been conned. If you’re keen not to share a similar experience or get a repeat instead, read on. Here are some ways to learn if you are getting your money’s worth.

Know what the numbers mean

If you’ve your savvier friend and relatives have been handling your internet matters, and now you’ve been left to your own devices, it’s essential to understand what you’re getting. You’ll often see the speeds measured in Mbps. However, if you see MB, it means that the rate is faster. How is that? MB is a megabyte while MB is a megabit. One MB is eight times larger than Mbps. With this little knowledge, you can decipher what the numbers mean.

Know what your primary use is

If you game or run managed services companies, we probably don’t have to tell you what kinds of speeds you require, but you’ll probably sign up for the heavy duty stuff. However, if you’re getting for your family or just for yourself and use it primarily for streaming, talk to the service provider to find out what speeds are ideal for you. Check with a few companies and get a baseline. After that, establish who has both the best pricing and best reviews for their service offering before making the purchase or switch.

Speed Test:

These are free applications like that measure the upload and download speeds of your internet service provider. What you get ought to match what was advertised; otherwise, you have every right to get angry that your movie streaming is buffering every so often. You can do a simple google search and get free applications that check the speeds of you. If they are not what you pay for, arm yourself with the screenshot and talk to a customer service agent or the tech time to find out why the speeds are low. It ensures that if something is wrong on your end or theirs, it will get fixed.

Get Better Hardware:

Sometimes what the company offers are standard for internet connection. However, if you want to enhance the signals, you can look into upgrading. You can opt for ethernet cables that you can connect your PC. Alternatively, you can get a signal booster or even a wireless repeater if you want to ensure that there’s internet access in all parts of the house. Also, be mindful of where you put it; don’t place it near other electronics and place it on a flat service.

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