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Panasonic Lumix S1R review: A 187-megapixel high-resolution camera comes to play

Panasonic has launched its full-frame mirrorless camera in the market now named as Lumix S1R. This image shooter has come with damn good EVF- probably best in the market and 187-megapixel high-resolution mode. But, are these features enough to beat its competitors like A7R III and Nikon Z7? Let’s check out in the Panasonic Lumix S1R review below:

Design and Display

The new Lumix S1R gets a similar design like the old Panasonic camera models especial G-Series. The looks are closely Lumix G9 ones with similar edges and curves plus the in-hand feel is also the same. Although, there are many tweaks added too. The device feels grippy and comfortable in the hands. Some users might feel it little big as the index finger couldn’t get a place to rest due to the top overhang. You can explore ordering Panasonic Lumix series online with Tata Cliq Coupon Code Offers today.

The build quality is really good- remember, it is Panasonic. The device looks solid, robust and grippy- thanks to the rubber coating for better hold. Coming to the dials, they are easy to move and are quite flexible. Lumix S1R has a menu pad with a center button with a circular pad and scroll dial. The buttons are pretty responsive and function well too-No complaints so far.

Panasonic S1R review

Lumix S1R has a very solid and well-bounded LCD screen. Panasonic has worked on its display this time and the hinges are quite strong too as one can lift the bulky camera with the lens by its display itself- imagine, the sturdy hinges and their power.

You might find the power button at a very weird position. As the camera is not small but is a little bulky, so you might have to stretch your index finger to turn it on or off. Not only this, the card slot door is equally awkwardly designed as it needs a tight force to open. In one way, it is good for the camera too- making it weather resistant.

Panasonic has worked on many things this time including the AF joystick. The AF joystick is something you might not expect on this camera but you get it anyway. It is very sensitive making very easy to move in any direction- A plus point surely. Moreover, the new controls like AF area and AF-ON adds quite a nice features to the camera.

Long put short, the device gets a design similar to Lumix G9 with new tweaks and updated features on the body. Above that, the device feels grippy and is comfortable to hold. The hinges of the display are quite tactile and solid. You might not like the power button placement though but new AF controls will blow your mind surely.


Lumix S1R gets an updated user interface with the new refreshed menu too. Unlike before, the Q Menu gets all its things right this time by allowing all the options on the right side rather taking the top line. The top lining options are the ones you see on the G series of Lumix. The best feature or the USP this device has is its 5.76million-dot OLED-panelled viewfinder. It is the backbone of the Lumix S1R’s excellent and solid performance. Previously, the Lumix G series was dependent on 3.69million-dot viewfinders only. This time Panasonic is not sticking to any of that and has taken a step ahead to bring better EVF.

The new High-Resolution Mode

Panasonic has introduced a new feature called High-Resolution Mode. The feature can click wight photos all together in quick succession and then come with a single best picture only by making a blend of them. After the ten seconds of clicking, you might get the result. The images looked certainly good as compared to standard ones- one more plus point in the device. The device can easily distinguish between humans, birds, and animals- all thanks to face and body detection technique used in the camera.


Panasonic has announced three lenses for Lumix S1R- the Lumix S Pro 50mm f/1.4, Lumix S 24-105mm f/4 Macro O.I.S. and the Lumix S Pro 70-200mm f/4 O.I.S…

The images were crisp and sound and never felt too heavy on the device. The image stabilization system is assisted by the five-axis system placed in the body itself. The images were effective and strong plus balanced. Autofocus was good and fast but could get slower in low lighting situation- common problem. Overall, you get nice clicks with detailing and aesthetics with effective face and body recognition too. You can also check some of the best devices online with AliExpress Coupon Code Offers on Electronics Items.


Panasonic Lumix S1R is a bulky study built by the company which doesn’t offer many updates in terms of design but the new features added by the company are the USPs. The crisp solid EVF and 187MP High-Resolution Mode will really satisfy the user but somethings like the awkwardly placed power button, tight menu pad, and bulky size Panasonic this camera device straightaway competes with A7R III and Nikon Z7 this time and brings a nice study feature-full device for its users. Overall, the device gets a thumbs up!



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