How to Hack WiFi Password? – Ultimate Guide 2019


Irrespective of whether it is password of your school, college, neighbor or your office, you can easily do it without any such previous knowledge. Everything in the starting might seem to be difficult, but with practice, it becomes an easy affair. Similar things happen for hackers who try to get access to different target internet networks. Gone are the days, when hackers have to wait for users to login to any network in order to get access to the login credentials. By help of new techniques introduced, hackers can get easy access to WiFi login credentials.

Due to advanced research, it has been possible for researchers to find out ways to hack Wi-Fi routers. The new hacking method came into being by sudden discovery of Jens Steube. He is known as the lead developer in popular password cracking protocol. This discovery has been made when Jens was preparing for the newly-launched WPA3 protocol.

How to Hack WiFi Password Using New WPA/WPA2 flaw (Working)?



According to Jens, the WiFi hacking system will work better when WPA or WPA2 along with PMKID or Pairwise Master Key Identifier has been enabled. It offers roaming features making the hacking task an easy one.

When planning to hack WiFi password, It can be done with help of WPA or WPA2 flaw. This hacking has become easier as users are always in search free usage of internet. But with development in technology, hacking and finding passwords are becoming difficult. This has happened due to implementation of WPA (WiFi protected) or WPA2 protocols. As a result of this, the modern routers are designed with more security and therefore, the routers are less prone to getting hacked.

How Does this WPA/WPA2 WiFi Hacking Password Attack Works for WiFi Hacker?

With the introduction of new WiFi hacking method, it becomes easy for WiFi attackers to get PSK or Ore-shared key login password. This further enables them to easily get access to WiFi network and use the internet communication. However, with introduction of the new system, it has become easy for the hackers and does not require the user to login to the target network so that they can hack the login credentials. It can be done with help of single EAPOL frame after making it request of accessing the target point. However, to make use of new attack, the hacker should know the following.

  • hcxdumptool v4.2.0 or higher
  • hcxtools v4.2.0 or higher
  • hashcat v4.2.0 or higher

Some other steps in this are given in the following part.

  1. First, hacker has to run hcxdumptool to get PMKID from AP. Following this, hacker has to keep the file in PCAP format with help of codes for its easy access.
  2. After this, hacker has to run another tool known as hcxpcaptool that helps in converting captured data from the pcapng format to the hash format by using hashcat code. However, researchers are of the opinion that hackers should use the right code to get better results from the collected files.
  3. In the final stage, the hacker has to run hashcat in order to get the WiFi password. They have to use the hash mode PMKID. This hashcat can be used in any form by using the right code with it.

Therefore, as per the new methods of hacking, authentication of the target network is enough to be able to hack it using its password and ore-shared key. This method is easier compared to the traditional one. Through this, hacker can have access to hash that has pre-shared key in it. In the last stage, the hacker can easily crack the hash. The hacking of the password might seem to be little complex depending on how complex the password has been set by the user.

How to Hack WiFi Password Using PMKID?

PMKID or pairwise key management protocol helps in hacking of WiFi password. As per the words of Jens, previously hacking could be done only when someone logged into the WiFi network making it easy for attackers to get access to EAPOL or Extensible Authentication Protocol over LAN. On a contrasting note, the WiFi hacking system does not require the user to login to the WiFi network in order to hack it. Some of the steps to hack have been detailed in the following part of the article.

  1. Hacker can make use of tool known as hcxpcaptool that helps request PMKID which is done from the targeted point of access. Following this, the received frame of the target point is dumped in a separate file that is kept for future use.
  2. With help of hcxpcaptool, the output can be easily converted to hash format easily for easy use.
  3. Following this, you can use the password cracking tool to get the WPA PSK password and this way, you can get it easily. After you get the password, you may not be sure about the network for which it will work. In this regard, Steube is of the opinion that the password will work for any 802.11i/p/q/r networks that has roaming functions in it.

However, from this situation arises the need to protect WiFi network high security password so that no third parties are able to get access to it. It is better to make the password a combination of characters, numbers including some special characters. This becomes difficult for the hackers to crack it easily. The WPA3 are one of the hardest protocols to break and so, it is better to use them.


After you get to know how to hack WiFi password by using WPA or WPA2 flaw, it is better that you should download and install any random tool from internet. Even if the tool claims itself to be a WiFi hacker, it might contain virus which in turn might affect the information in your system. So, even if you are trying to go through any WiFi password hacking method, it is better that you should know the method properly before you opt for it.

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