How to Create New Account on IRCTC – Registration and Signup Process


Hey, what are your plans for the vacations? I don’t think you are going to sit ideal at your house. Vacations call for some fun and frolic. So, what’s your plan for this holiday? Want to enjoy some exciting trip? Book your tickets soon. Now, you no longer need to wait in a long queue behind hundreds of people for booking your ticket. Join the IRCTC app. Create your own account there and enjoy tripping happily.

What is the IRCTC?

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation is a web portal of the Indian Railways that is ever ready to serve all people with catering, tourism and online ticket booking facilities. Just as its tagline says – ‘lifeline of the nation’ – it is true that IRCTC is a real guide to all people who have their bags packed for some trip.

Being a subsidiary of the Indian Railways, IRCTC provides an array of facilities to its customers with the help of a single click. Download the IRCTC app and start exploring more about your dream destination. This is the largest train portal. With time and evolution of technology, IRCTC has taken a new motive to help people access to them. It is the IRCTC web portal and IRCTC mobile app. Now you have the opportunity to book tickets online, cancel tickets online, and experience Tatkal booking.

In order to avail the facilities of IRCTC online, you have to create an account first. But that won’t take much time. It’s just a job of 5 minutes. In this advancement of technology, none of us want to waste time in these matters. We want things as quick as possible. Here in this write up, I will share how you can create your own account in IRCTC in some of the very easy steps, how you can access to IRCTC online portal and how you can book a ticket online. Let’s start.

IRCTC Registration

Recently, it has been noticed that the Times Government have begun promoting deals online with the help of strategies like Happy Grahak Yojana. Also they are encouraging cashless transactions as well. Railway ticket booking online is no more an unusual activity. So, if you have to book a train chair, you have to have a legitimate IRCTC ID code. When you book a ticket online, it gives you a plenty of advantages as well as saves a lot of your precious time from standing in the long line in front of the reservation counter. For the ones reserving their tickets online, IRCTC is charging you the lowest service charge, that is, Rs. 22 -23. If you get such a lot of advantages, why not avail it quickly!

IRCTC Registration through Mobile App on Android Iphone

Here are the easy steps to go through while registering through the IRCTC mobile app on android devices or iPhone:

  • Your first and foremost step is to download the IRCTC Connect app.
  • Next, when you open the app, you will get a notification. In the notification you will be asked to register or login. If you are a new customer, you have to register and enroll you name. On the other hand, if you are an old customer, you have to use your password and ID to login to the already existent account.
  • If you are new to this zone, click on the ‘register’ option.
  • The registration page asks for quite a good number of details that are to be provided in the correct format. Fill up the page as has been asked for and finally click on the option ‘next’.
  • Now, you will be asked for you’re the details for your address. Give your address correctly so that all your tickets possess the same address.
  • While registering, you may face some errors. During providing the password, make sure that the password is more than 3 characters and less than 225 alphabets. Numbers and spaces are allowed. This will solve the problem of error. Do not use any special characters. In the address, fill up the plot number, the address, and your locality name.
  • To verify your phone number and mail ID, a notification will be send to your mobile phone and email.
  • For verifying the mobile number, an OTP number will be send to you. Complete the OTP process.
  • After the verification process is complete, now you are free to login with the set password and username.
  • Therefore, your account in the IRCTC mobile app is created. Be it an android device or iPhone, IRCTC can be accessed through any medium. Above all, the procedure of registering is the same in all devices.

Few steps Create New Account on IRCTC Website?

Creating account on the IRCTC web portal is quite similar to registering on the mobile app. Here are the steps by which a new account can be created on the IRCTC website:

  • First, go to the official page of IRCTC ( ).
  • Select the Sign up link of IRCTC. This will lead you to the process of registration.
  • The individual registration form will appear. Fill up all the blanks as has been asked for. Provide all the detail correctly because the informations that you provide will be once and for all. It cannot be altered.
  • First, fill up the blank of username and check its availability. Provide a valid email id and phone number. Immediately a verification code will be send to your email and phone to verify you.
  • After all the gaps are filled up, click on the option ‘submit registration form’.
  • The second last step is to click on the ‘OK’ button.
  • The last step will require you to abide by its terms and conditions. Click on ‘accept’ button.
  • Finally, a message of thankfulness will appear. This means that that the IRCTC is happy to accept you as their new customer.

Activate Account of IRCTC

After you have created the account in IRCTC, a verification of your mobile number and email ID is a must. Login to the page of IRCTC. Enter your password and username. Next, choose the option ‘verify mobile number with OTP’. Provide the OTP that has appeared on your mobile. In case of email ID, click on the link that has been sent to your email. Although the OTP is a little time-consuming affair, yet, it is the best option to get relieved after you have created an account in the IRCTC portal.

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