HTC Launches Windows Phone 8x

HTC Windows Phone 8XHTC now coming with a new symbol of excellence “windows 8”, HTC is well known for its smart phone and there build quality, which are android based but now days there sell is directly affected by Samsung and  apple inc. phones . Now when apple launches its I-phone 5, HTC coming with its HTC 8 x which will explore the world of features for the smart phone user and it will definitely compete with galaxy note 2 and I-phone 5. In latest market scenario when Nokia launches its windows phones but they are not able to attract people toward them, but now its HTC turn to use Windows 8 as the operating system as the name says quietly brilliant this 8x will surely make difference and change the whole market scenario.

It’s some features are as follow:

Brilliant Design:  HTC coming with ironic design, perfect curves, bold, colorful, rectangular shape, Perfectly sculpted, continuous form, without bumps ,slim and easy to hold. The camera key is completely hidden inside the body. It makes sure that if you are holding this phone in the crowd of smart phone users it will separate you apart from them.

Brilliant Camera:  it is coming with impressive camera which can capture image for each and every angle. Which make sure that you will not miss any happy moment of life your life and it also comes with the extra zoom which will the hidden part 😉 it has 88 degree ultra-wide-range camera of 5MP which can capture nearly thrice of the area which can ordinary camera can capture which can make you store more people more background and more smiles:-)

Brilliant Beats:  it comes with high definition sound quality. It has a dedicated amplifier to enhance the sound quality which makes sure that it provides more power to your headphones which give you unbelievable music experience it also has 4G LTE beat audio which is coming in a windows phone for the first time. These both are making a pleasurable combination which makes your music experience as never before take chance enjoy sound of each musical instrument which is present in the music of game, video or audio.

Brilliant Home Screen  :  it is giving you the feature to design you home screen as per you use you can brought any short cut ,special note, and your favorite application . Photograph of special person on the wall of your phone so that you can enjoy for life without exploring it.

Brilliant Processor and Touch:  it is coming with 1.5 GHz dual-core snapdragon S4 processor and 1 GB ram with 16 GB internal storage which ensure you high speed. As far as touch is concern undoubtedly HTC comes with the best touch it has touch wiz technology it comes 4.3” wide screen which is most beautiful screen ever seen in smart phone.

So it is the perfect surprise to its competitor, and this is also the right time for HTC to introduce new phone in its basket sine as far as smart phone market is concern Samsung and apple acquire maximum market so now the turn is for HTC to have some space and entertain consumer with all new middle range with high standard, windows 8 based smart phone. let’s wait it for to come in the market and many more surprises from HTC quietly brilliant….;-)

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