The Benefits of a 1080p 144hz Monitor for Gaming

When it comes to gaming, we all want the best. The best experience, the best entertainment, the best competitive edge, and the best gaming rig. And to have any of these, you need the best monitor you can find. That’s why you need to find yourself a monitor that’s 1080p and 144hz.

What does that Mean for a Monitor?

Resolution is how clear and high quality the picture is, and how many pixels will be fitted onto the screen. The more pixels there are the more precise the picture will be on your monitor, whether it’s gaming, watching movies or looking at pictures. 1080p means that there will be 1080 pixels on your screen vertically, and 1920 pixels on your screen horizontally. This makes your 1080p monitor full HD, and will give you a clear, sharp, and visually beautiful image in front of you.

Refresh Rate
The refresh rate of a monitor is how often the screen will refresh itself to show a new image. While your frames per second relies on your refresh rate, the two are not the same thing. This is because even if the picture on your screen stays exactly the same, your monitor will still be refreshing itself all the while. Basically, if you have a monitor that is 60hz, it will be refreshing itself 60 times every second, regardless of what you’re doing. However, if your monitor is 144hz then it will refresh your image 144 times every single second, which will give you a much faster frame rate and therefore a clearer image whenever there is movement, especially in gaming.

Why Should I get a 1080p Monitor?

While this is a reasonable question, you also have to ask yourself, do I enjoy a clear and sharp image while I’m gaming? Because that is what a 1080p resolution on your gaming monitor will mean. It’s the same difference as choosing between a standard definition TV, and a high definition one. One will give you a standard, run of the mill image, which honestly feels below standard now, while the other will give you a beautiful, sharp image. And while this is true of TVs, it is even more obvious with computer gaming. Being so close to the screen will make any imperfections in a grainy and blurry standard definition monitor all the more obvious, and can distract while gaming. With a 1080p resolution, however, you don’t need to worry about that. In full HD, you’ll be able to enjoy any game you play in the beautiful way it was intended to be played. It can also make a difference in the gaming experience itself. There is a big difference between looking for clues or loot on a blurry landscape in a game and searching in clear, sharply imaged landscape with your full HD resolution. And imagine the advantage you’ll have in a competitive FPS if you’re trying to find the clear hitbox of an enemy soldier coming towards you, while your opponent is trying to headshot the nebulous blob running at them on their lesser monitor.

Benefits of a 1080p Monitor

  • Clearer and more beautiful image
  • Less eye strain
  • Experience games fully as the developer intended
  • Competitive edge in gaming

Why Do I Need a 144hz Monitor?

The reasons to have a better refresh rate with your monitor might not be as obvious to most people as something like resolution, but it can be every bit as important for gaming, especially when it comes to competitive gaming. Again, like resolution, it comes back to how the game was intended to be played. No developer ever wanted their game to be played in 30 frames per second, or even 60 frames per second for that matter. This isn’t console gaming we’re talking about, after all. The higher the frame rate, the smoother the movement in your game. While having a monitor with a high refresh rate won’t increase your frame rate on its own, but it will allow your monitor to keep up with the rest of your rig and allow you to reach your optimal frame rate. If you have a 60hz monitor then your frame rate will be locked at 60 frames per second, but at a refresh rate of 144hz then your frame rate can go all the way up to 144 frames per second. What this means in terms of actual gaming, is your game will move much smoother and more naturally, and there won’t be as much stuttering. This will make games much more immersive, and also give you a competitive edge in gaming. If your frame rate is higher than your opponent, you’ll be able to turn, aim, and see movement much faster and better than the enemy.

Benefits of a 144hz Monitor

  • Smoother and more natural feeling play
  • Games are meant to be played with the highest frame rate possible
  • Even more important and obvious competitive edge over your opponents

In gaming we’ll always want to experience and enjoy games in the most enjoyable and immersive way possible. There’s no better way to ensure that than complimenting your rig with a 144hz 1080p monitor.

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