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Are you a lover of the TV serials? Most of the women who are at houses are the lovers of those serials going for days and months. Not only the housewives but the working women are too intoxicated of those.

And why not? They are the one which tells you lot about the society and the condition of the society. They can be based on different issue of the society and hence loved by all people.

But it is always not possible for everyone to get the show at time? It is the main problem for the working personnel, who are unable to match the time of the serials with the working timing.

\so for the convenience of those people who want to watch them live without having aTV, live TV streaming on any device is possible now.

There are lots of such TV streaming sites where you can watch them. but among all we have taken out a best one which is being preferred by most. After all, not only do most streaming services charge money, many, like Netflix, require a VPN to unblock their collections. Otherswise, users will suffer geo-blocking.

But why it is being preferred so much? Well that is the thing which we will discuss today in this article. Know about the site and its features and the alternatives to open it.

The site which is now the most popular one is the COUCHTUNER.

It has been first launched in the market of TV streaming in the year 2010. You can get so many contents which are without any limit. All these contents are available for free of any costs. It is having a user friendly interface. Just visit the website and click on the title to start watching it. Different categories are being divided in the home page only- new releases, TV listing, search Show and many such things. You can easily get them under the category of your wish.

Another important thing about the COUCHTUNER is that it also let you watch the movies free on online platform.  Thus one can say that COUCHTUNER is a entertainment website where you can only get the entertainment and nothing else.

Being such a useful site, yet it is having the drawbacks too. COUCHTUNER is a pirated site which features the pirated media only. Hence the use of the VPN comes to the necessity.

Is the site fully legal to use?

So many will be asking out whether its legal or not?

As being discussed, as it is the pirated site so we cannot tell it as a legal site.

Well you may be a little bit disheartened now? But don’t think about it. Even though it is not legit, yet one can use it and watching everything from this site. All these van be done at free of any cost. But as it is the pirated site so we recommend the use of the VPN or the proxy servers. They would hide the IP address of the users. Thus the users would not be located by the concerned body. So enjoy watching the free movies and the videos and the TV series from the COUCHTUNER.

Let’s give you safety with COUCHTUNER

Now coming to the safety issues, similar to the other torrents website, COUCHTUNER also face the safety issues. But in case of the COUCHTUNER all the data can be easily out on your system and enjoy them. But instead you don’t need to give anything from the PC to the network. Thus we can describe it as safe and sound for the usage.

The streaming of the videos can be done in the android devices and even on laptop and PC too. No personal data is being disturbed which are saved on the personal PC or the system.

Get the COUCHTUNER at this domain

After you know about the safety of the COUCHTUNER and its legal issues, you can easily get access to the website. Get it at the The domain has been changed a lot of time before too. But presently you can get them at this domain easily. Copy this link and paste on the URL bar. Enjoy happy browsing of different movies and the TV series.

What are the contents of the website?

Let’s give you an idea about the content of the website. Only the valid content can be seen and no unnecessary ones are in this site. When you browse into the site, you can also see the TV series and the movies with the search bar at the top of the site. You can experience it only when you will browse through the website.

If you are a movie lover and want to watch the latest movies then obviously don’t give it a miss. It is really a worthy site which will give you the best feedback.  Stream them from your devices at any place and at any time. There is no chance of getting missed now. Watch them when they are being aired over the channels and enjoy your time.

How do the website looks at?

Don’t take any tension about its interface. Whether you are using it in the PC or the laptop or the android devices, its interface is compatible at any place. The home page contains maximum of the favorite and the popular shows and movies only. Just ignore the ads and go on with your browsing at the site. There is an active side bar which continuously gives you the option of the different movies, TV series and other options too. So, even a new user can use it without any assistance of the experts. It is an easy way to continue your entertainment on.


So still now we are talking only about the good of the COUCHTUNER. But that may be a bit of partiality.  A website cannot only have goodness. They have drawbacks too.

Main disadvantage of the COUCHTUNER is that the disturbing and irritating ads that pop ups. There are ads everywhere. Whenever  you visit one page form another, there are too many ads on that new page. This disturbs you view and makes you bothered. This can be probably solved by turning on the ad blockers.

So what are you waiting for, ignore ads and go for the movies to COUCHTUNER.

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