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How To Fix “Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working”?


Do you know any other operating system other than Microsoft Windows as famous? There is completely no doubt in the fact that one of the most used operating systems in today’s world is definitely Microsoft Windows. Of course, people must understand that the Microsoft Windows have all the necessary features to itself. This is completely one reason why the people can make sure that the particular operating system has garnered such attention over time. People must necessarily understand that the Windows have a lot many great features in itself.

Of course, one of the most important features of all is definitely the task bar. The task bar must be functional at all the times. In case, it fails to be functional then there is no doubt in the fact that there is some kind of problem that persists. The problem though is not the fact that there is a problem of a sort. But then again, people must be knowing about the necessary solution that can help them.

The solution is very easy and is distributed in 4 important methods of course. With us, you will get to know all about these in the best way possible.

Method 1: Restart your PC

There are multiple reasons why the taskbar can remain ineffective of course. But then again, there is much more of a simple reason of the same. At times, the problem usually occurs because during the starting of the computer in itself some problem has occurred in itself. You must absolutely understand that the restarting of the PC can be really great for you no matter what. This will help you get through with the best results.

If you restart your PC once, chances are that your task bar will start functioning normally again. This is one of the biggest achievement that you can get for yourself. All you will have to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the sign that states Windows.
  • Then you will have to click on the same.
  • Then you will have to click on the power button.
  • And lastly you can select to either “Turn off” or click on the “Restart” option as well.
  • If you choose to turn off, then give it some time before restarting the same.

Once you complete the procedure the PC taskbar will start behaving absolutely normally. In case, it fails to do so, you will have to follow the method given below.

Method 2: You have to re-register the taskbar

This is one of the best methods of course. But then again you will have to be comfortable with the Windows Powershell. We will teach you how to get through with the same without much problem at all. Of course, the Windows Poweshell will help you if you follow the following procedures:

Step 1:

The very first thing to do is look up ‘Windows Powershell‘. Then you will have to Run the same. then you will have to clock on the Yes option as well. Then you can start working on it!

Step 2:

Next you will have to enter the command “Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”} on the same and then enter it.

Step 3:

Then the command is to get executed. Once it is, you will have to make sure that the following procedure is what you will have to follow: first you will go to the explorer. Then to the C drive then you will have to go to the Users option and then to the AppData. Lastly you will have to go to Local.

Step 4:

Once in the Local folder, you will have to search for the ‘TileDataLayer‘and, delete it!

Step 5:

In case you fail deleting thengo to the Services Manager. Look up the ‘Tile Data model‘server service and then put a stop on it and then delete the same.

This must fix your issue. If not, then follow the steps mentioned below.

Method 3: You have to restart your Windows Explorer

This can also be done. Of course, you must realize that if the above mentioned methods do not work, then this can definitely. The following are the various steps are to follow:

  • First you will have to get the Run Prompt on the computer. For this you will have to press Windows and R together.
  • Then you will have to enter the ‘taskmgr.exe‘and then you will have to press on the Enter. This will allow the Task Manager to come up on the PC.
  • Then you will have to look up the Windows Explorer on the list. Once you come to get the hold of the same all you will have to do is get through with the Restart process.

These will definitely help you get through with the restating of the Task bar normally. And if not, then the last step is what you should follow.

Method 4: Faulty explorer add-ons must be removed

In case you see that all the above methods have failed you then surely there is something else that must be looked for. You must understand that the looking for the add on in the File explorer can be a solution for you. Of course, this is something that will not disappoint you any further. This is one thing that you must be aware of.

There are multiple things that may be a problem for you when it comes to the problem of the task bar not functioning properly. But the solutions to the same are very simple. All you will have to do is make sure that you are following the procedures mentioned above.

In case, you fail to follow them then chances are that you will not get the results that you wish for. Make sure that you follow the step by step process and not avoid any. Of course, Microsoft is probably the best OS that you can use. In case there are problems that can happen then there are solutions as well. You will only have to know about them.

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