Best Must Have Accessories For MacBook


If you are a MacBook Pro user, you already know that alone your laptop is not enough. No matter how you use your laptop, for gaming or work, it’s never enough alone. You will always need some additional accessories for enjoying to the fullest. 

Whether it can be a fast charger to charge your laptop faster, an external hard disk to store more data or a cover or skin to ensure that your MacBook Pro doesn’t get any scratches while in your bag.

Apple always promotes its products and the same goes for its laptop accessories. Apple’s laptops boast about the best selection of accessories you can get. Most of the time they promote the original but sometimes they do promote accessories from third parties.

5 Must-Have MacBook Pro accessories

Here we are listing our favorite and the best must have accessories For MacBook which will help you to get the most out of your laptop.

1. Samsung X5 Portable SSD

MacBook comes along with decent storage. So, in order to store more data, you need the best external hard drive for MacBook. This is an ultra-fast, ultra-compact SSD by Samsung which supports extremely fast data read and write speeds on your MacBook Pro via a USB-C port capable of Thunderbolt-3 tech. The SSD is available in the size of 2TB and supports 256GB encryption so your data will be secured in it. The SSD is shock-resistant too, Samsung claims that it can even survive after dropping from more than 6 feet

2. SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go

This is a versatile flash drive that is worth every penny it costs. The flash drive has both USB-A and USB-C connectors which will help you to transfer files easily to your MacBook Pro from an older laptop. The drive has various options for storage and the maximum is 256GB. The drive also comes with a long 5-year warranty.

3. Satechi Aluminium Multi-Port Adaptor V2 USB-C Hub

This is a must-have hub for every MacBook Pro user. This multi-port hub allows you to connect various external devices to your MacBook Pro. The hub consists of three USB 3.0 ports, one USB-C connector for charging, one HDMI port, and a one-gigabit ethernet port. The hub is available in three colors silver, gold, and space grey. The hub features both microSD and full SD card reader.

4. Vanja Card Reader

This is a convenient card reader that you can use to transfer photos and videos from your camera to your MacBook Pro. This is the only card reader available out there which has a USB 2.0 and USB-C port, along with a slot for both SD and MicroSD cards due to which famous Youtubers MKBHD also uses this one. 

4. Anker PowerDrive+ III Duo Car Charger

This is again a reasonably priced powerful car charger which you can use to charge your MacBook Pro along with your smartphone. The charger has a pair of USB-C ports. The charger provides a maximum output of 30watt for MacBook Pro which is again not as fast as your bundled charger but it will do the job. The secondary port has a maximum output of 18watt which is pretty fast for charging smartphones. The charger has a very good design, a ring-shaped LED, and a built-in circuit to protect the device from overheating.


The above was a list of 5 Must Have Accessories for MacBook Pro & Air. These accessories are so handy for every MacBook Pro user and are worth the price. So we have done our work, now it’s your tune to check all the accessories listed above and get the most out of your MacBook Pro

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