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4Methods To Make Sure Your Emails Won’t Bounce


For an email marketing campaign, the bounce emails is the worst thing which can happen. Each email which bounced means that one potential client won’t receive your mail and you waste money.

You should make sure that your emails will never bounce as it is an important part of launching a successful email campaign. It this article we‘ll observe how soft bounces differ from hard ones, and give you some advise on how to ensure your emails won’t bounce.

Hard bounces and soft bounces.

Email bounce occurs when an email you sent is rejected by the expected recipient’s email server. The phrase “bounce rate” means the approximate number of people who didn’t receive the email you sent.

The email bounces are divided into 2 groups:

  1. Soft bounces. Usually soft bounces mean a temporary delivery problem. May happen when:
  • recipient’s mailbox is full
  • the email server of the recipient is down
  • the email you sent is too large
  1. Hard bounces. In this case the email won’t be delivered. May happen when:
  • the email address is not valid
  • the domain name no longer exists
  • the mailbox is no longer active

Why should you make sure your emails won’t bounce?

Frankly speaking, it’s almost impossible to achieve that none of the emails bounces. Nevertheless, we have some tips which can ensure you a lower bounce rate. Why do you need that?

A low bounce rate means that your email campaign is of high quality and email list consists of active subscribers. But a high bounce rate means you have issues with your campaign, for instance a bad quality email list.

Now you know about bounce rate and why you should care about keeping it low. Let’s learn how to minimize the email bouncing.

1. Delete hard bounces at once

Do not waste time trying to fix it – you can’t do something about it. Once the hard bounce occurs, remove this email address from your list.

2. Verify emails

One of the most important steps in ensuring your emails won’t bounce, is to make email validation of your list.

Email verification is vital to ensure your emails are accurate and valid and your readers will receive your content.

3. Make an email list of people who want to hear from you

If your subscribers automatically subscribed onto your email list, they might not be very interested in hearing from you. You may consider having an opt-in system for subscribers. This way they can submit they want to be on your list and, as a result, they are ready to receive your emails.

4. Find new email addresses from safe sources

When you need new email addresses to your mail list, do not purchase the ready-made lists in some suspicious sources. It is better to use the LinkedIn email scraping tools with real-time email verification included. In this case when you include a new email to your email list, you already may be sure the email address is valid.

With these simple, but important tips you will ensure the increase of your deliverability rate and low bounce rate.

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