Best Applocker Apps for Android with Pin, Pattern and Finger Print Password

Smartphone nowadays runs on the Android system and it is the most interactive operating system for the smartphone which is developed by Google. The Android operating system is used by the most number of people who have the smartphone and it is estimated that about 1 billion people use Android as their primary OS. But, there is always a concern regarding the security of the OS and the data present in the phone.

None of these sensitive data should be accessed by anyone without our permission and hence for keeping your data secure using of some protective apps and software are highly recommended and is preferred worldwide as well. The OS itself doesn’t offer any security options rather than very basic permissions and hence these security applications have gained such popularity over the recent years.

App Locker Apps for Android

Top 12 Best Applock for Android Download for Free:

Here are the 12 best Applocker apps for Android OS with features like pin, pattern and fingerprint passwords. All of the following applications or apps can be downloaded easily from the Google Play Store and are all completely free of cost.

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1. App Lock (Most popular App locker):

App Lock is the most favored app locking app among all of the other similar apps in the Google Play Store. It has more than 100 million active users around the globe and the app supports about 24 languages in total. It helps to lock the desired apps easily in every android phone and tablet device. You can use different passwords for locking different apps as well and with it, you will be able to lock apps such as gallery, messaging apps, emails and so on. The interface of this application is interactive as well, you only have to set a passcode and give a recovery email ID to start the locking process. It also supports fingerprint locking system on the devices which have Android 6.0 or above.

2. Advanced Protection (Free):

You will need the previous application installed into your phone before being able to use this one. The Advanced Protection is an upgrade of the app Locker application. After installing the Advanced Protection it is not possible to uninstall the original App Locker app without putting the required password set by you. This is basically developed so that no one else can uninstall the App Locker app from your phone in order to breach into your data. After installing the Advance protection app you need to activate the advanced protection by going to your phone’s App Lock settings options and followed allowing its activation.

3. Smart AppLock – Fingerprint (Most Advanced App Locker):

Smart AppLock – Fingerprint is the most technologically advanced app lock which includes a range of impressive features. This app gives you the choice of locking any and every possible app present in your phone. You can either set a password or set a unique pattern to lock your data from intruders. This app captures the image of anyone who tries to unlock your phone and puts a wrong password or pattern. The picture of the person goes directly to your registered email ID. Also, another impressive feature of this app is, if you don’t want anyone to know that the app is locked, it can enable a feature which will show to others that the app has crashed but the app runs properly.

4. Apps Lock & Gallery Hider (Free):

This is a great protection app which has a unique feature called ‘gallery hider’.This app protects apps like SMS, Gallery, Dialer, Contacts, Dialer apps, email apps and so on. This app also has some features like force stopping of apps or canceling spam calls

5. LEO Privacy – Applock, Hide, Safe (Free):

It is one of the most popular protector apps among the global users of Android. This app has many distinctive and unique features for keeping your data safe. You can configure this app according to the apps you are wishing to open at a given point of time or at a given location. A good example of it is if you are willing to open your email in your office and nowhere else then it will do that precisely.

6. App Locker- Lock Any App (Free):

This is particularly a very good app for keeping the social networking apps safe. The apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, the Facebook messenger can pretty easily be kept secured by using this app.

7. Clean Master (Antivirus & Boost):

This app has numerous functions. It has password protected activity, it has an antivirus for your phone and also it cleans all the junk from your phone such as cache etc. the inbuilt pattern lock of this app prevents any other person from using your Android device. It also takes a selfie of the person who deliberately tries to open your phone.

8. App Lock (Pattern):

This app is similar to the above-mentioned clean master app. This has an exciting feature which is, an alarm rings whenever any person tries to open the locked app with a wrong password. It is compatible with all the android versions. It actually locks all the possible apps in your phone.

9. AppLock 2 (Smart App Protect):

App Locker for Android

This is a widely used privacy app for the Android users as well. It has easy to configure locks and a simple interface. It has the option to enable Bluetooth or wifi from the interface as well. The installation and uninstallation of apps on your phone can only be done from settings after this is installed on your phone. This is a good measure to prevent any significant changes in your phone by unwanted people.

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10. Perfect AppLock(App Protector):

This app locker offers additional protection along with the usual password technology. It comes with a fake fingerprint reader and fake error message pop up. The false error system displays a warning (false alarm) saying that the particular process is not working, to the intruder. The app also has a unique option called stealth mode which automatically rotates and adjusts the brightness of the apps

11. App Locker Master:

It is another great app locker for Android devices and has a very simple user interface. The best thing about this is, it does a single function and there are no complex functions and instructions regarding the app. This app uses a simple password protection for protecting the third-party apps. You can either choose a pattern or PIN for locking and unlocking the apps of your choice.

12. ES App Locker:

This is the app locker from the makers of the popular app ES file explorer, which is used for browsing and surfing through all of your files and data in your phone and tablet. This app locker also provides the same features like locking numerous different apps with the help of passcodes or patterns. For an additional security of a particular application in your phone, you can use both modes of locks for that particular app.

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