3 Best Tools To Check Spellings And Grammar Online

3 Best Tools To Check Spellings And Grammar OnlineIt is good to check your documents and files for any spelling and grammatical mistakes with the help of proofreading many times. Especially if you are a writer or blogger. Then your readers will find your work professional and nice when your articles will have no mistakes. If you think you don’t have proper command in writing the English language than you can identify your mistakes or can either ask for help from your friends to check your work for you. There are several tools with the help of which you can check your work yourself which are mentioned in this article. You will find all the spelling and grammatical mistakes with the assistance of these tools and can make your work more professional and better.


1. Polish my writing

Polish my writing is an online website which will assist you in your work by checking any grammar or spelling mistakes in your text. This is one of the most popular and best websites that will help check any errors in your text with convenience. It is simple to use you just have to copy paste your text which you want to check. There is a box available for this where you can copy paste your work and after that click “check writing”. The website will check for any mistakes and error in your text and will display all the errors which you can rectify them if you want to.

2. White smoke

This is another tool for checking grammar and spelling errors provided in the box and just click the button that says “check”. Once done the website will check your text for any mistakes and will provide you with the correct revision when you will lift click the error. A simple and useful tool to correct your text. White smoke is available for many other programs as well and can be rooted with the other programs after installing it on your desktop. This software is not free but it is available in trial version which you can try but this version lacks several features. On the free trail version of the white smoke you get a maximum word for 250 which you can check with the free version of white smoke.

3.Spell check plus

Spell check is a very easy tool and allows its users to check any errors in their text. And is designed in a user friendly way. The website is having a Microsoft word like appearance and allows its users to copy paste their document in the provided box and check for any possibilities of mistakes in the text. The website does not provide rectification on the mistakes but offers a good description of the errors.

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