Best App For Sharing Files Online

Best App For Sharing Files OnlineWith features, business models and pricing structure file transfer systems have now come a long way and these systems make online sending files a wonderful delight. These services have different focuses, features and limitations and selecting the best one can be a little bit tricky. Here you will find several online file transfer apps. Some may include registration procedures and some do not.


The Dropbox offers great file sharing services and recently has refurbished with a great user edge and making the procedures easier than ever before. It is a very simple app to use you just has to click on the “get link” option that will appear on your screen or a page contain files. After that you can copy the URL from your internet browser and then you can share your files via IM, email or accounts on social networking sites. These services are also available for the users who are not Dropbox users. 300MB is the size limit for the files you want to share online.


This app is best for those who have business and runs a freelance business to receive and send files with a strong control over who can share and see the files. With this app user can share their files with a link, create file packages or even can request files in the same way while granting or restricting access to the others the way you require them to. The limit is 300MB each. AirDropper services charge for a month and you even get a 7 day trial service.


People who share code, text and screenshots on a regular basis are going to love this app. This app allows its users to drag and drop a file up to 25MB quickly without any registration and also downloads and share files quickly via Twitter, email and Facebook. Whenever you share a file the app creates a URL and it is automatically copied to your clipboard. It is simple and easy to use and just needs to create an account on the Droplr and have fun sharing files.


This app is similar to Droplr and offers simple sharing of files on the web pages. The storage space is unlimited and the app allows it’s users to upload ten files each day with a size of 250MB and also offers support of the custom domain. This app is the companion of Mac and also supports plug-ins for easy sharing.


This app is one of the oldest apps but is user friendly. Those who want to broadcast files Mediafire is a great choice. On media for users gets lots of free storage space. But free users are limited to 200MB for each file. It is beneficial for home users. The app is for Linux, Win and Mac.

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