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There will be hardly anyone who didn’t hear about PUBG game.  It is not just trending but also the number of people joined amazed everyone. Along with that, the game has amazing visuals, levels, interesting twist and also the levels go better and better too.

PUBG, also known as Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds where 100 peoples are thrown into the wide island which is open and filled with only one goal which is staying alive and survive at the very end. Also, you get different weapons to access and vehicle to use while you stay on the island alive. Along with that, you also get the loot options which help you in buying more things for you.  Its important part for keeping yourself updated with the weapons, buying a dress and earning points for winning the game. The island is huge and open which means your enemies are everywhere. The game is all about, hiding, hitting and surviving at the end and styling the only one-person alive on the island.

PUBG Mobile for PC

PUBG Mobile Game Played Via – Mobile, PC/Laptop:

PUBG is listed as one of the most downloaded as well as plated globally. Not just that, the game supports the Android and iOS smartphones but because of which the game successfully attracted lots of users. There are millions of players currently joined as well as playing the game. Not just that, there is thousands number in players who join the game every day. If you are going to download the game for your mobile then there are a few things you should know. For that, here are the steps that you can follow in order to download the PUBG in your mobile:

Step 1: The first thing that you need to do is visit the Google play store if you are using Android. Or if you are using iOS then go to the apple store

Step 2: Tap the search option bar, search for PUBG mobile

Step 3:  after the search, you will get the game icon. Click on it

Step 4: here you will get the download option

Step 5:  Once you complete the downloading, run the app on your smartphone

Step 6: for starting the game, you are going to need an account. Follow the basics and set your account. Once it’s done you are all set for playing the game.

Here is How you can Install the Game for your PC or laptop:

By this s step, you can download as well as install the game for your PC or laptop. Well, it is simple and you just need to follow the given steps for a hassle-free process:

Step 1:  for making your download easy, first make sure you have Bluestacks.  You will get the official site from where you can download it

Step 2:  Run the app and install

Step 3:  well, after the app install, you have to set it up. For that, your Gmail and phone number are going to be needed.  However, make sure your phone number is correct as you will get the verification number on that

Step 4:  once everything is done, you can now search the PUBG game

Step 5: after getting the icon, you can download the game

Step 6:   well, wait until the download process is done. Now you can play it in all apps and all application like sections.

Step 7: start the game to play, use the mouse and keyword that you will get at the bottom

Step 8: here you will learn which key you are going to use for control. Along with that, you are free to customize the sete8ing according to your comfort.

Steps to download PUBG Mobile for PC- Free

If you don’t want to waste money on buying the game then you can also enjoy the free PUBG too.  Well for that, here are the steps that you need to follow so you can download the PUBG mobile for PC.

  • Download the PUBG installer first
  • After that, you have to open the exe file and run it. As you do that, the installation for PUBG will start
  • For making sure that installation is done properly, you need to follow the instruction that while appear on your PC screen
  • Once you complete that, the downloading process will start automatically
  • It will take some time, wait until you get the download key. Once you get that, you are all set to activate the game
  • Here is how you can play PUBG and enjoy without spending money.

Things to Know about PUBG Mobile for PC

Well, using PC for playing the PUBG mobile then there are lots of things that can help you in understand the game.  The first thing, there are two options you get, which include you can play the game for free or pay. However, both have its own good and bad points. Make sure you are aware of everything before you choose it.

Well, when it comes to PUBG mobile for PC, both have its own difference. Such as, Pubg mobiles are free and have new ways that help in earning more cosmetic rewards. However, you have to use the keyboard and mouse for moving as well as controlling the movements. But if you are using eth mobile version, you can simply use the vital sick to navigate your moments.

Between the two, it’s no denying that playing on a keyboard and mouse feels better. So if you’re thinking of using one, make sure you browse through this roundup to make the right investment.

Well, if you are playing the mobile version then you can simply switch to the PC because you have the practice and understanding of controls. However, there are lots more difference you might experience when you play both versions. There are some good points and some are drawbacks too but it completely depends on how you use it. Both have the same experience and everything is similar too. What you need to understand is using the controls and other factors.

PUBG MOBILE for PC Download

How you can cheat in PUBG Game:

PUBG is not one of the battlegrounds, here the main aim to understand how far you are going to survive. Not just that there are lots of things that can help you in paying better and understanding the game. Along with that, you can also get cheat so you can play the game with much more benefits.  Apart from that, you can use different tips for protecting yourself while you are in the field. For knowing better, here are the listed tricks as well as tips that you can use:

# Set the basic controls

  • Keep your weapon away from you, if you are using the PC then its X key for you. Well it is because it will keep the sprint faster by six percent
  • If you are playing the pregame then make sure you are wearing shoes. It will help you in running faster.
  • Also, you can stay in voice chat but make sure to keep your chat to party only. Sometimes the enemy party forgets to put their chat in private, so occasionally you can hear their planning.

# Strategies and setting the properties

  • Well for starting, big towns where you get the flight path is dangerous however such places have chances to get better loot. For decreasing the risk, try to find the cluster small buildings so you don’t have to put anything in danger
  • The doors in the game always closed until and unless someone didn’t open it. If you get the door which is already open, it means there has been someone before you. Or if you are letting eth door open, you are telling that you have been there.
  • If you have time then make sure to clear the building after you done with looting. It’s effective bait which makes others feel secure so they leave their loots there.
  • When you are facing the multiple enemies then priorities the one who is attacking you. The one you hit will not be going to attack you again as they need to get rescued first
  • If you are using the bridge, don’t do it. It’s a worse mistake and most unsecure place. There are people waiting to kill you, if you don’t find any other option then get there early or if not then try to swim or find a boat.

 # Memorize these PC hotkeys

  • For diving under water, just hold the ‘C’ and for rising, hold ‘space’
  • If you want to Toggle seats then press Ctrl+1/2/3/4/5/6′, and ‘Ctrl+1’ together. It will take you to the driving seat.
  • If you are using pc and want to auto sprint then just click ‘=’
  • For controlling the motorbikes in the air then hold the ‘space and left ctrl’

# Get the best out of the medkit

  • For healing yourself completely, here you get only two options. Either you can choose the medkits which are rare but heal you after the 10 seconds. Ad if not that, then you can use the painkiller, energy drinks etc for keeping your heal
  • Well, using the bandage as well as first aid kits can help you in healing at least 75 percent. However, the first aid kit works faster as it will start working within the seven seconds of application. Whereas the bandage takes time and it will go to need more application. So when you are in a safe location or on an early stage, only then you should use the bandaged otherwise go with the first aid kit.

PUBG Mobile Game Guide:

Well, playing PUBG Mobile is surely one of the trending things. Not just that there are lots of things that can help you to get the best playing experience. For more, here are the points:

  • Choose the place to land: there are lots of players who prefer to land in places where they can find loots more and more. However, it’s not the wise thing to do as there are already lots of people that are there which make the place dangerous.  That’s why always land on vacant or less crowded areas first
  • Get on your selected land place fast: after you done with choosing the place where you want to land, make sure to move fast and reach there as soon as you can. It’s worse to stay at someone else area where you might get killed.
  • Find weapon: make sure to get the weapon no matter what, but you must have a weapon with you. However, don’t fall in the trap and also don’t just start shooting once you get the weapon. Try to hide and avoid unnecessary shootouts
  • Put headphones and mics: you can actually get the alert before something happen but for that, you are going to need headphones. Also, make sure you have your mic on so you can command your team. But make sure to not let anyone sneak to your surroundings.

Stay Tunes for PUBG Mobile Updates

There are lots more going to come in the upcoming time that will surely be going to excite the Pubg players. However, for enjoying the best, you should stay tuned for getting the updates first. Apart from that, the game is exciting and interesting that help you in getting some unforgettable experience.


PUBG is one of the most popular and trending in the top game list all over the world. There is no doubt that people love this new and exciting game, along with that the developers are keeping the whole format attractive as well as mysterious that help in managing the attraction. Forgetting the best experience, make sure you know about the game so that will help you.

PUBG, also known as player unknown’s battlegrounds is one of the trending topics that are attracting huge attraction. The gamers are not just appreciating the amazing visuals and format but also enjoying the game. Along with that, the whole experience is new and people can add a team, play solo as well as do other different things.  Well, also the game is easy but it actually needs lots of work in order to get a master. For making sure that you enjoy the game while you play, you should do some research and know everything about the game in advance.

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