Filmora Video Editor- An Easy to Use Video Editor


Videos are currently the most popular ways to convey a particular message. Companies use videos to promote their products and services to customers all over the globe. If you want to try a robust video editor, choose Filmora. It is one of the best video editing software with amazing features

Features of Filmora video editor

  • Set of tools

This video software has every tool from cropping to joining the videos. You can make various settings in the video by adjusting aspect ratio and trimming them. You can rotate the videos into 90 degrees. Furthermore, these tools allow you to adjust the volume of videos or adding filters to them.

  • Add effects

This software contains more than 3000 special effects which will make your videos more professional. It consists of many video formats such as M4V, MP4,and others. You can then upload the videos on the social media sites.

  • Advanced tools

You can make your videos more attractive by trying the advanced tools. It has Ken Burns effect for superb zooming effects. If you want to focus on a particular portion of the video, you can use tilt shift and make the other portion blur. You can add beautiful colors to the videos and adjust the contrast and brightness.

  • The perfect tool for various demos

This video editor will help you in making videos for different purposes such as education, social marketing, a media studio, and others. It allows you to demonstrate your products to the customers in an interesting way. It helps in making amazing multimedia presentations to show your products and services.

  • Animated titles

Filmora video editor has beautiful titles for different videos. You can enhance the videos by giving a perfect title. The titles will show the theme in a precise way.It also has 3D animations to add to the videos.

  • Easy process of video editing

This is the best video editing software for beginners and amateur video makers. It has simple tools such as drag and drop, instant cutter, instant preview and timeline which simplify the process of video editing. It will allow you to make a fast motion and slow-motion videos with the help of a speed control option.

Apart from that, you can make small clips of every video by using the option of split video.

  • The function of scene detech

If you want to learn film making, this tool will definitely help you. The option of scene detech will allow creating videos with different scenes. It will arrange all the scenes in proper order for more entertainment.

Additionally, it has a green screen option which facilitates the video editing process. Furthermore, Filmora video editor has ease screen recording option with 25 free songs in the library. You can attach these songs to the videos and make them more romantic and special.

How to download Filmora video editing software on Windows?

The procedure to download Filmora video editor on PC is very easy. Follow the below steps:

  • The first step is to open Google Chrome and type “filmora download” in the search bar.
  • From several links, choose the official link of Filmora video editor.
  • The next step is to tap on the Windows
  • Then click on the option of “Free Download” and wait for few seconds.
  • You have to further go back to desktop and tap on the downloaded file of Filmora video editor.
  • The next step is to tap on the “Run” option.
  • Finally, tap on “Install” button and wait for few minutes. The video editor will install on your device within a few
  • Start making different videos by adding special effects, titles, colors, and


Filmora video editing software is not just a tool for making videos but much more than that. It optimizes the videos for various devices such as Nexus, PS4, Xbox One, Apple TV and others. It has many animated elements and cool effects which will beautify the videos of many occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays and parties.

Download Filmora video editing software on your device and explore the world full of videos. It is the tool for storing all your best memories by way of videos.

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