Top 5 Uses OF Gbwhatsapp Apk


Who on earth has not heard of GBWhatsApp? For millions of people out there this app surely has got a place in the top priority apps list. Well, if you are not having it yet, you will when you go through this article once. I bet after knowing the uses of GBWhatsApp, one can hardly resist!

In this article below, we have mentioned a few uses of GBWhatsApp that will make you download Gb WhatsApp and use this app at the end of the article.

GBWhatsApp is one of the Mod Apks of WhatsApp developed by the GBMods Team. This apk can also be called as an alternative for WhatsApp or a WhatsApp Clone. This apk is the most popular mod Apks of WhatsApp.

Uses of GBWhatsApp APK

1. Hide and Maintain Privacy

The most notable use of GBWhatsApp is that one can hide their blue ticks, view status, double tick, online status, typing status, microphone status, and blue microphone. These minute checks make a huge difference. They help the user make privacy settings.

No one will know even if you are online for a longer period and thus your privacy will be maintained well. You can see the status (Story) of all the people in your contacts but they will never know that you watched them. Isn’t that cool? And imagine how everyone will be surprised to see that you are replying them even without the blue ticks?

Another major privacy ensuring features of GBWhatsApp is that you can lock certain chats with passwords like the ones in Hike Messenger app. Nobody without the password can go through the chat and thus you can keep it a secret forever!

2. Send More

As you might know, on WhatsApp original app, you cannot send video exceeding the limits of 16 MB. This restricts many of the transfers you were otherwise willing to do. However, if you are a GBWA user, there is nothing for you to worry about since you can send larger video file up to 50 MB.

Not just that along with sharing large files, you can share files that are in formats like- APKs, Zips, etc. Thus sharing becomes much easier over GBWhatsApp as you can guess by now.

3. Download Status

When its an image, it will be appropriate to take a screenshot of someone’s status you liked. However, that too won’t be as clear as the image is. Plus, the minus point is you cannot obviously take a screenshot of video or download it through the WhatsApp original application directly.

But, if you are a GBWA user, then things will be much easier for you since you can easily download anyone’s status! Next time you do not have to ask anyone to share some video you like in the chats. All you have to do is tap the button!

4. Customize!

Unlike WhatsApp original where you can only alter the chat’s background, over GBWhatsApp apk, you can change the entire look of the app! You can change the fonts, the style, the theme all of them and give a completely new look every time you customize. Thus you will not get bored of this app any time sooner1

In this app, you get tons of options to choose from as themes. Although having limited font options, you can make changes in them too! You will find these fonts in Arabic and English language but there will be more in the coming time.

5. Anti-Revoke

Last but surely not the least, Anti-revoke is another major feature of GBWhatsApp that will make you have this app. As WhatsApp introduced the new feature of Deleting messages, GBWhatsApp for its users got a feature a level higher than the previous one.

Through the Anti-revoke, if someone has sent you a message but then deleted it, you can still see what that message was. You will not be seeing-“This message has been deleted” notification. Now, is that not cool enough?

That was it all about the uses of GBWhatsApp apk. I guess you have learned these by now and just like me you too are willing to download GBWhatsApp apk after going through its uses. If there is anything else you want to know, feel free to ask us

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