Rotating Videos Recorded on Mobile Phones with the Movavi Video Editor

One of the biggest problems that you’re bound to run into with the videos that you record on your smartphone is that you may have accidentally held it the wrong way so the video ends up being oriented incorrectly. To fix this you will have to rotate your video, and the easiest way to do that is by using the Movavi Video Editor.

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Because the Movavi Video Editor is so user-friendly, it will allow you to rotate your video without much hassle. In fact it will just take you a few simple steps to learn how to rotate a video:

  1. Add the video that you want to rotate by clicking ‘Add Media Files’ and selecting it.
  2. Select the video in the ‘Timeline’ by clicking it.
  3. Open up the ‘Tools’ tab, expand the ‘Rotate and Flip’ list and click the ‘clockwise’ or anti-clockwise’ icon to rotate it in either direction.
  4. When you’re satisfied with the orientation of your video, click ‘Export’ to save it.

See how easy it is? By using this short and simple process you will be able to correct any incorrectly-oriented videos that you record using your mobile phone. Assuming you want to only rotate a part of your video that is possible as well, and you just need to split it into segments using the tools provided and select and rotate the specific segment accordingly.

If you want you could also explore the other features of the Movavi Video Editor too, and use it to cut and combine video segments, enhance the video quality, add audio tracks for voiceovers or background music, apply special effects and filters, insert customizable text, and much more.

Assuming you’re willing to experiment a little, you’ll find that the tools and features that the Movavi Video Editor brings to the table will provide you with a ton of flexibility. With a bit of creativity, you could even use the software to turn the videos that you record on your mobile phone into attractive and professional-looking videos that are worth publishing online.

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