Make your photograph smart with Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung Galaxy CameraWe all know the camera which is build on our phone is rubbish it doesn’t give satisfactory result , we all have to buy camera from market but they doesn’t give the features which we want. After looking and thinking about these problem innovators design a new type of camera which has both the feature it is android based as well as it has beautiful lens. Which opens the world of application for this camera .it also has 3G and 4G connectivity so we can say it as 3G smart camera.

Some Quality of this Camera:-

This camera is not just a camera it is a smart camera when you hold this camera in your hand it seems that it is a normal camera but when you turn it on it will show you the galaxy of features means a large amount of application like a smart phone. Since it is operated on Google’s mobile phone software known as android. There are many version of this OS this galaxy camera is operated on Android 4.1 jelly bean which is the latest version of this software where as its other competitors like Nikon and Sony are based on the older version of android(Gingerbread). You can use this phone to access various operation like surfing e-mail account, playing games, watching video on you tube, download various application from Google application store Google play.


Galaxy camera comes with 21X optical zoom with unbelievable quality ,23mm aperture provide wide angle for taking pictures  so that we can cover whole joint family inside one photograph only with the help of this zoom we can take picture of far lying objects. It has 16-megapixel lens, with 1/2.3-inch backside-illuminated CMOS sensor. The 16 MP lanes make sure that your photograph is not blur from any portion. It has 4.8 inches high-definition touch screen which is more than any smart camera. Which gives you huge space to look at the shoot location also provide wide spacing for editing .it has 1.4GHz quad-core processor which provide it huge speed which makes it fastest and powerful camera it comes with 8GB storage for your movies, music, applications and snaps. If this memory is not enough, you can attach additional external memory source like memory card to it. Video taken by it is fully high definition shooting at 1,920×1, 080- pixel footage at 30 frames per sec.

Automation in Camera:

This camera has automatic picture control you don’t need to be a technical photographer this camera assorted automatic modes that recreate special effect. It has in-built photo wizard gives you 35 editing picture options to touch up your photo. In same there it also has a movie wizard which helps you to edit your video.

So after discussing about all its features we can say this camera surely begin the revolution in the world of photography. This camera will change simple photo graphs into smart memories which we can store for our next generation so that they will never forget us and our surrounding since environment is changing day by day. This is the world of smartness just go and makes yourself more and more smarter by having this smart camera

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