How To Easily Customize Android’s Share Menu?

The Share Menu of Android has been one of the best and very useful features of the OS for ages because it allows users to share content between apps in a jiffy. All you need to do is select the share command and a list of apps is displayed, from where you select the app to which the data should be sent.

While the ability to share data from one app to another is indeed a great trait, a problem with the share menu is that it can get cluttered rather quickly with unnecessary apps. As the list of apps in the menu goes on increasing, it becomes tedious to scroll through the entire list to find the app of your choice. This calls for customization of the Share menu. Like most features on Android, the Share menu can also be easily tweaked to beef up the sharing experience.

By customizing the share menu, you can easily find the app you are looking for in less time and with little effort. The tool that helps you clean up the share menu on your android device and customize it according to your liking is an app named Andmade Share. Whether you are using a Stock Android ROM or a Custom ROM, Andmade lets you customize the Share menu even without rooting your phone. You can download the app from the Google Play Store.



Once the Andmade Share app is installed, a tutorial will take you through the steps for customizing the share menu. When you try to share something, you will be asked whether you prefer to use the App’s share menu or the original version. Choose the app’s version and it will automatically be launched every time you need to share something.

The apps will be listed in the alphabetical order, but it makes more sense to have the frequently used apps on the top of the list. So, if you want to rearrange an entry, just long-press it and drag it to wherever you want it to be.

You can give the share menu a customized look by changing it in the app’s settings. To access the settings, you can either tap the gear icon (cog wheel) on the upper-right corner of the app’s share menu or launch the Andmade Share app from the app drawer.

Getting Rid Of Unnecessary Clutter:

You won’t be using most of the apps in the share menu. So, to avoid the clutter, you can use the Hidden apps option that allows you to eliminate an entry in the Share menu that you don’t need. By cleaning up the menu, you’ll have only the apps you want which is a huge time saver when you’re trying to find an app on the list.

In the app’s settings, you’ll find the “Hidden Apps” option at the bottom. Tap on the option and select the apps you want to eliminate from the list. Exit the app once you’re done and you’ll see that the changes have been automatically saved.

In case you want to bring any eliminated app back on the list, just go to the settings and uncheck that app.

Sharing Files With Multiple Apps Simultaneously:

The original version of the share menu allows you to share files to only a single app at a time. You have to repeat the whole process should you want to share the same file with a different app.

With the Andmade Share app, now it is possible to share a file with various apps at the same time. Andmade gives you the option to choose all the apps you want the particular file to be sent to. Once you’ve selected all the destination apps, just tap the share button.

For Nougat Users: Pin An App To The Top Of The Share Menu List:

Android Nougat has a neat little feature that allows you to pin your favourite app to the top of the Share Menu List. This can be done pretty easily by opening the Share menu using any app, then long-pressing on one of the share apps, and then selecting the pin option. Repeat this for all other important apps, and you’ll see all of them appearing at the start of the list.

Want to customize your Android share menu, save time, and get the best sharing experience? Try the Andmade Share! If you know any other app that does a better job, do let us know.

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