Difference Between Shared And Reseller Hosting

Shared Hosting

A web hosting services which serves pages for multiple websites, each having its domain name, from a single web server. It allows multiple websites to share a physical website to share a physical web server and its resources among the hosted websites. Reselling is not permitted here. This type of web hosting is used in a present to host most of the websites. The physical server in the Shared hosting provides hosted the number of small websites whose resources requirement below and it provides the high quality of services at very low rate and can host unlimited domains on it, can add the additional domains to the “addon domains” section of your c panel. It is perfect for home users and small businesses.

Reseller Hosting

It’s is also a shared hosting account but it provides you more tools and hosting space. It’s a web hosting business in which a web hosting provider allows some or all web hosting services sold to a third party or any user. Their main motive is to sell it ahead. This type of web hosting provides rights to the user to shared hosting resell. If u want to be shared-hosting reseller very first you must be purchase Reseller web hosting service. It provides billing software, which is used to accept the payment from the client at the time of selling. It is mainly used in web designing by web designers. The reseller hosting has some advantages like-

  1. Ability to control DNS zone.
  2. Ability to use private Name Servers.
  3. Free hosting billing system.
  4. Having multiple IP addresses or multiple SSL certificates.
  5. Free site builder for clients.
  6. Ability to use Anonymous Name Servers.


The shared hosting is only for the single owner while reseller hosting plans are intended for an owner who wants to sell it to the third party. Shares hosting provide one control panel for all domains while reseller hosting provides an unlimited number of control panels for each one domain. The main motive of the shared hosting is to provide services web page for multiple websites while the motive of reseller hosting is reselling it ahead to the third party. Reselling is not allowed in shared hosting and shared hosting is used more as a comparison to the reselling hosting. Reseller hosting is the great way to start off offering web hosting services. The real advantage of reseller hosting is that you can manage your accounts Web Host Manager (WHM) and you can give each of your customers their own control panel C panel. Shared account if perfect if you have one or more websites that you want to manage yourself whereas reseller hosting is perfect who can manage multiple accounts and they want each one to have their own control panel. The reseller hosting provides more tools as a comparison to the shared hosting.


I hope you like the article and well understand about the Shared and Reseller hosting. If any queries or questions about this topic comment below in the comment box. I will be glad to answer your question.

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